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We all certainly live through times that none or at least most of us, never thought possible. During times like these, we all need each other, we need to hold the line strong, arm ourselves with knowledge and help spread the message. We are indeed witnessing history in the making and we need to do our part in helping to bring awareness to the people around us. We all have a role to play, as we're all in this fight together. Where we go one, we go all!

Any contribution through our available merchandise, is a great way to spread the message and bring awareness to people that don't follow the current events and are still under the spell of mainstream media misinformation. It is also greatly appreciated and helpful in more ways than anyone can think of.

Please consider browsing our store section and maybe you can find something that interests you. As always, share this website with friends, family and everyone you know. Help spread the word.

Thank you all for your support.


Special thanks to all Veterans and active military personnel, who fought to make this country great.  Let's honor them by doing our part in the Great Awakening!