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It is an energy system compiled of multiple, layered masses of land, separated by ice walls and energy fields. Each land mass is enclosed within its own "globe" of energy field, known as the Van Allen Belts, which are 5 in total surrounding our earth. The Official story of the "globe" is not exactly a lie, but rather a very twisted truth with tons of misleading information.

Here's why this is very important for people to realize. No, it will not change they way you stand on earth or any of the ways you interact with earth. In fact, it will have no effect in your everyday life. What will change though once you comprehend the biggest lie ever told, is that if they can get away with a lie of this scale and have everyone be-living it, what else could they have lied about?

Could they have lied to you about the chemtrails? About the Weather? Do you know what H.A.A.R.P. is? What about the GMOs in food? What about your water? Fluoride?

Could they have lied to you about diseases? What about the chemical cures, medication, vaccines and big-pharma?

Could the have lied to you about history? WWI and WW2? Central banking systems and fake money? What about false flag attacks? Pearl Harbor? 9/11? (9II > lIe), All "holly" and un-holly wars? Religion or parts of it? the Vatican?

Could they have lied to you about the education(all) system of your kids? Indoctrination?

Could they have lied to you about entertainment? Music? hollywood?

Could they have lied to you about child safety and prosperity? Child Protective Services? What else could they have lied to you about?

Who are "THEY", you wonder?

If by now you don't know who "they" are, it seems that you are standing on the edge of the entrance to an almost bottomless rabbit hole... are your ready to dive in?

So, if you now believe that music artists and hollywood actors you use to idolize as a teen, and have posters all over your room, patches and pins on your jackets and backpacks, are part of a satanic pedophilia ring that feeds on kids blood to stay young and get high, why would you not consider the possibility that the earth is flat?

If you now believe that the only 3 things that you need for survival, air, water and food are all poisoned, and on top of that there's a depopulation agenda through various manufactured viruses and diseases, for the promotion or enforcement of vaccinations, why the theory of flat earth would trigger your emotions?

If you now believe that every war ever fought was the agenda of a group of families, in order to install a worldwide banking cartel system based on thin air and not real value, and that the same group of families runs and controls the entire world through the few corporations that own everything else around us, with satanic blood rituals, child's blood and organ harvesting and consumption, and you realize now that all history you were ever taught is more fake than CNN news, and you were spoon-fed propaganda your entire life, why the "round, global" earth would be any different than any other lie?

Too far stretched for you?

Just because in kindergarten you were spinning a globe and you were having fun, that did not make it any more real than santa. If you were given a roulette to play with instead of a globe, you would have had a very different perspective about its shape right now.

Instead, in the age of technology, you rather stick with what you think you know, which by the way there was never ever any proof provided for, with the exception of deception, instead of taking a serious look at the facts provided today...

Here's a couple facts before we get started:

> The filming of the famous "moon landing", took place in Nevada, US.

> The filming of "Mars" took place at Devon Island, Canada.

> The production is a well organized, Freemasonry lie.

> There are and have been, a lot more "Space" agencies, with the sole purpose of protecting and maintaining the lie.

No, you do not have to take our word for it and you should not! What you should do, is research any information given for yourself.

Watch this presentation but be ready to be blown away! This is the best presentation ever made, and the only one you actually need to understand what's going on in the world you think you know. The rest of the videos following this presentation are further evidence and explanations. Enjoy!

There are many things that we don't know and cannot explain. But please, if we are to take down the curtain, let's take it down all the way...

If all of these videos do not provide enough proof for you, on the bottom of this post you will find a link to our other post "How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?" which includes various ancient and recent maps, moon operation details, NASA, shooting stars and more. If you haven't visited this post yet, we strongly suggest that you do.

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INTRODUCTION - Interview with Flyover Conservatives

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Continued on Part I "Where's the edge?"

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