Privacy Policy:


Our Privacy Policy is even simpler than our Terms & Conditions!

Under no circumstances we will use any of your information in any way, shape or form. We will not sell, we will not spam, and we will not ever contact you, with the exception of a problem with your order that needs your immediate attention in order to be resolved!


We respect your right to privacy, as much as we respect ours. We do not collect or use any of your information for any purpose, we do not track IP addresses, and we do not use infographics to track and stalk visitors and their activities.

However: Please be informed that, even though we personally do not use any of your information and for any reason, the web service provider, google crawls & bots, targeted ads, etc., are far beyond our control and we have nothing to do with any of it!

If you do seek true anonymity while browsing the web, then we suggest that you look          into VPN services, virtual machines and alternative browsers other than the widely known (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari), including the familiar search engines you know. A little research can go a long way...